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Bean Vs The Animator for Amigas with 1.5MB RAM First Look

Amiga Bill got an exclusive first look at the new Bean Vs The Animator for all types of Amigas with 1.5MB RAM

AROS is now 30% faster than AmigaOS 3.x in IDE Performance

The legal race about who owns AmigaOS is now so obscure and difficult to understand that the Apollo Team and others are looking for other solutions to make Amiga users happy. AROS is exactly that and with many rumors that this open-sourced

New Amiga OCS Demo! Hologon by The Electronic Knights is Impressive

One of the most stunning Amiga OCS demos ever made got released back in December 2020. I am sorry if I haven’t posted about this demo before, but it is great to see that people are starting to use our new e-mail





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