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PT1210, Pioneer of Amiga DJing, Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Open Source Release

PT1210, a program that turns your Amiga into a DJ setup, just hit its 10th birthday and it’s now free for everyone to use and improve. This is big news for fans of protracker modules and DJing. It was made by the demoscener H0ffman, who wanted to give Amiga users

The Revision 2024 Amiga Results

This year’s edition of the popular demoparty Revision took place at the last Easter weekend in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany.

PiStorm Amiga 1200 Emu68k and RTG Setup Guide

If you struggle to update Emu68k and RTG onto your Classic Amiga with RTG. Here is a nice

Revision 2024 Amiga Intro Entries

Here are all of the Amiga Intro Entries that were shown yesterday at Revision 2024. So, if you

Amiga Timetable at Revision 2024

Revision is an old-type of computer party held in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. It is a computer party for all

Emu68 1.0 Changes Nothing! WIFI for PiStorm!

The PiStorm project continue their roadmap. For once you have an upgrade solution for Classic Amiga’s that doesn’t

AmiBench on A600GS brings AmigaOS to Everyone Soon

Soon, anyone with an HDMI monitor or Television can run AmigaOS with just a few clicks! This is

A600GS Bringing New Amiga to Everyone

Coming soon! On sale at Kickstart 02. A600GS is a brand new Amiga computer. Not from Commodore, ESCOM,

Git desktop for MorphOS

Git Desktop is a graphical git frontend for MorphOS. It is quite similar to GitHub Desktop and GitLab

MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS 4

webkit morphos web browser

Wayfarer 5 is out for MorphOS

Wayfarer is the most advanced web browser ever made for the AmigaOS-compatible MorphOS operating system. It is a

Wayfarer is now using WebKitGTK 2.36.7

Wayfarer 4 got out not long time ago. Now, The most updated Amiga web browser ever made is

Wayfarer 4 is out for MorphOS

It is amazing to see Wayfarer reaching 4.0. It is now the most advanced web browser released for

He-Man is out for MorphOS

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a beat ’em up developed that uses the OpenBOR engine.

amiga news morphos

The first MorphOS TinyGL update in 2022

This is the very first public MorphOS TinyGL update by bigfoot. It is a 5-step project. Just download

Streaming Issues Fixed in Wayfarer

The WebKit browser for MorphOS is yet again on the move. This time it is Wayfarer 3.9 that

Working with MorphOS in Active Dual Screen mode

One of the best next-gen AmigaOS systems is MorphOS. But speed is not everything. You also need an

Wayfarer with MediaSource and Memory Leak Fix

The most advanced web browser for Amiga, Wayfarer is yet again in the spotlight. Now, version 3.7 is

amiga news morphos

OpenSSL Security Update Fix for MorphOS 3.17

New vulnerabilities have been identified and fixed for the version of OpenSSL that is included in MorphOS 3.17

Iris is Verified by Google to access Gmail accounts

If you want to check your mails arriving at your Gmail account. This can be a bit hard

MorphOS 3.17 is out with Many Improvements

If you are one of the lucky ones owning the nextgen Amigaone X5000 computer from A-EON. Then this

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Important Guides

Daily work with Amiga 500 Guide

This machine sold over 7 million in its lifetime. Here is a video demonstrating how you can work on your Amiga 500. The truth is that Amiga 500 is like any other Amiga. It is a home computer. This means it’s made for getting upgrades. So, even today there are

68060 LC Users Look Here


Yoomp! will Soon be Available for all Amiga systems as Jump!

No. This is not the Atari version that is in the making for the Amiga. It is a game titled Jump! which is based on Yoomp! that is an 8-bit Atari action game with some great features. As you can see in the video below. Video showing Jump! port to


The Innovative Apollo Team Amiga Interview

The team behind one of the most innovative accelerators for Classic Amiga is on fire. They don’t hold back anything it seems as Apollo Team really wants Classic Amiga to be a strong computing platform. So, I’ve got a nice talk with the main person behind it Gunnar von Boehn.

Interview With JoJo073


Meet 3 of these Exhibitors at Amiga37

On 15th and 16th October 2022. The biggest Amiga event will be held in Germany. You can read all about how to get to the event and when the opening hours are in my article about Amiga37. Amitopia will have our stand at Amiga37 together with the AmiTube developer. It

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