Amiten Games released the very first Amiga game in 2024. Dogi is the name of the game and it is a simple but funny platformer for all Amigas with 512KB + 512KB Extra RAM. The graphics are fresh and nice. Playing is fun as your task is to collect orangesContinue Reading

The Amiga community recently wrapped up its exciting AmiGameJam 2022 competition, where people created their own Amiga games with a “Sword & Sorcery” theme. Gamedevelopers from around the world joined in on the fun and showcased their creativity. The contest started October 2022 with an announcement that the theme forContinue Reading

New game releases for Amiga are always awesome! Game Over Moscow! is such a game created by Finity Games. It is a game made with a Self-made cross-compiling language, which looks a bit like HTML, C, and Basic. The game is out now! Traumatic war for Russian Soldiers In GameContinue Reading