Finally a decent scrolling beatem up for Amiga Metro Siege

In the Amiga 500 days, I remember playing the Final Fight version for Amiga. I was quite impressed by the arcade transformation of that game. Then after long time of beatem up scrolling absence for me. I got to play The Strangers which was developed by Ablaze and released backContinue Reading

Alex Kidd for Amiga Released at Kiwi Jam 2019

There is a name that people should start to know and that is Erik Hogan. A fantastic person from New Zealand that evolves his Classic Amiga connection with the rest of the world by releasing interesting games for the platform. Alex Kidd now runs on a basic Amiga 500 ThisContinue Reading

Back in 1995 when Commodore was no more and thousands of Amiga users changed to the PC platform. There was still some geniuses developing great software and games for Amiga. One of the companies was Audiogenic ASL (publisher) and Unconscious Minds (developer). They managed to release Odyssey for Amiga! AnContinue Reading

Do you remember our first coverage of AMIner? You can find it here. We mentioned it to be a really awesome sci-fi mining game with party elements. Now this game got an update and its still totally free. Amigans are so lucky! ´╗┐ AMIner is now updated to version 19.6.9Continue Reading