Our brilliant coder at Amitopia Dev Team updated the online component of AmiFox. Here he smashed some bugs with tiny bugfixes and improvements for avoiding anti-crawler detection and some module updates including some changes for newer Chrome versions.

There is no update needed for AmiFox for now. AmiFox stays at the current version 1.4. Only if you use the docker on your own server you might want to pull the latest version. The AmiFox Server Version is still 0.3 because there is no functional change, but the underlying WRP Version is now bumped from 4.6.0 to 4.6.1.

You can read about these Version numbers in the About Box of AmiFox after you load a webpage.

AmiFox 1.4 is for Free

Get AmiFox for your Amiga to get a better web surfing experience on your Classic Amiga. You need an ethernet stack and at least MUI 3.8. AmiFox runs on 68000 with 8MB of RAM and a hard drive. But it is on 68030+ that the web surfing experience doesn’t feel too slow.

AmiFox is free to download. This WRP web browser for Amiga, will always be free. It is our gift to the community.