This year’s edition of the popular demoparty Revision took place at the last Easter weekend in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. On their stream and now also on YouTube, you can watch the competition entries. All of the entries can be found on

Amiga Intro

  • 1st place: Circumvent by TTE – 1345 points
  • 2nd place: Disiplin by Spaceballs – 1329 points
  • 3rd place: Dopamine by Darkage – 1131 points

Amiga Demo

The Revision 2024 was great. It had a positive vibe. Many of the productions hyped the Amiiigah screams, but they did miss the TBL and Elude feel. I loved Disiplin by Spaceballs, but the start was too messy. There were also some Amiga productions for the 256-byte Intro and Oldschool Intro.

All of the platforms except for the PC demo were great. It’s so unfair for these retro platforms as they are so much more underpowered than a modern PC today. But in my view, the PC demos don’t come near in quality to what Amiga, AtariST, Acorn, Amstrad, C64, NES, and SEGA demos were produced. Some of the 4k intros or even 256-byte intros for PC were nice. But in compare to what the coders get out of the retro platforms, the PC productions are dull.

But in the end. What matters is what you think. My opinion is mine. I just wish that the PC demos blew my mind even more. Like 3D demos for OCS Amigas in TBL’s EON demo or the Desire with HAMazing demo that uses HAM mode like no other. Maybe a PC demo using a special 8K mode that no one has seen before? …

Anyway. Revision 2024 seems to have been a nice event. Tons of videos can be found on their website here.