PT1210, a program that turns your Amiga into a DJ setup, just hit its 10th birthday and it’s now free for everyone to use and improve. This is big news for fans of protracker modules and DJing.

It was made by the demoscener H0ffman, who wanted to give Amiga users the ability to mix protracker mods like a pro vinyl spinner. With PT1210, you can adjust the speed and pitch of your tunes, keeping everything in sync.

What’s cool is that PT1210 works on all kinds of Amigas, from the basic ones to the fancy ones. You can run it using different storage options like CF cards, hard drives, or even floppy disks.

Now that it’s open source, anyone can tinker with PT1210’s code. This helps future proof the existance of the program if h0ffman ever get tired of developing it.

For those who’ve enjoyed spinning tunes on their Amigas with PT1210 or for those just hearing about it, this open source release is a reason to celebrate. Lets party like its 1995!