Here are all of the Amiga Intro Entries that were shown yesterday at Revision 2024. So, if you haven’t seen them. Take a look here!

The first one is a bit bleeh. But its a message. The 2. entry is quite good sending some positive good vibes to Loonies and Blueberry. Then we have a TRSi together with Raft production for ECS Amigas. This one is really good I think. The overall production feels great. A TRSi OS usage type of intro? … Very good anyway. The music by SkyRunner is the best thing about the intro I think.

4th released by Void and Worst Coders with a nice 3D cube and a tune that goes into my history book as one of the better intros that I’ve seen. The beats and the colors of the cube are just perfect I think. Its a smooth production but a bit too bad ending. Then the Fifth production which is a AGA Amiga production came. 4K intro that asks for pants off… the intro starts nicely up. Great 3D effects but the tune gets a bit lame after a while. I really want to love this one more,.. but I cant. Sorry Denmark!… but great effort.

Then we have a 16:9 Amiga ECS demo production by moods plateau. This got some interesting potential. Nice use of colors and moving lines. Music helps the intro from being boring. It is actually quite interesting. But you need to give it more times. The first part of the intro is really kicking, while the end started off good but the intro ends a bit oddly. Quite impressive though. Then Darkage shows strength as the 7th intro on their list which I really want to like, but the design could be even more interesting. Because the music is just awesome! The colors are a bit too sad too the mood that the intro wants to execute. I think. Its like it got a identity problem. But nicely done in everyway. The end part of intro should be in the beginning of the intro… I love it, but I do question its design.

The Russian Amiga ECS demo at 8th is great, but nothing more than that. The usage of SID in it makes it not a great production. I really think that SID belongs to C64 computers. The Amiga Paula chip is too good to do that. If the tune is a SID mix of some kind, its sort of more legal to me. But keep that to the C64,… not to the Amiga. The intro itself is not bad, its just that this SID type of tune could easily make this intro much better by tracking a 4ch mod for it instead.

At the 9th place you got a TTE production, which is an Amiga ECS intro is the best Amiga intro at Revision 2024. And it made people scream Amiiigahh!!!.. to put it even higher. This intro got the vibe that Amiga Intros should have. When everything fits together correctly,.. you can see that the job behind it is remarkable. Everything about this Intro is perfect. The graphics, design, music and overall feel. Kudos! Guru Meditation action at the end adds the extra thing. But Spaceballs at the 10th is as good as the TTE production. It is a high quality production, but parts of it give me a headache. The flower part is love. Here you can see the dedication for this Intro production. People clap when the flowers appear too. But the beginning of the Intro got some questionable design choices.

The Amiga Intros at Revision 2024 were good. But I have seen better productions before. All respect to the coding and creativity though.

What Amiga Intro did you enjoy the most?