New Warp 1260 Cooler for Amiga 1200 is under Testing

Not many have created innovative coolers for Amiga. Most of the computers have always used CPUs such as 68000, 68020 or even 68030 that don’t need coolers. But Warp 1260 will need some sort of cooling. 68060 is one of the most Loved Amiga CPUs in history This CPU isContinue Reading

Classic Amiga will soon Warp into 68060 Dimension

Amiga love seems like a neverending story. Our several year’s old computers that we all love is still getting love from its users worldwide. And now new 68060 accelerators will boost it even further. Andrzej Rogożyński is such a person that loves our classic Amiga. So he and his teamContinue Reading

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For many years the Amiga interest was stranded by Amiga supports only. But this is starting to change! Many still loves the Classic Amiga line and with the release of Vampire FPGA cards, this is no exception at all. Vampire FPGA cards have turned the situation upside down! Especially thisContinue Reading