Vampire V4 Standalone Pre-Order Amedia

For those that won’t be able to come to Amiga34 or just lives quite far away from the event. You can now already pre-order the next generation Amiga 68k compatible computer. It’s called Vampire V4 Standalone and it’s not a fairytale anymore! It’s here. Right Now! Pre-Order Vampire V4 StandaloneContinue Reading

Vampire V4 Standalone Amiga Compatible Computer Launch at Amiga34

A new Amiga Compatible Computer is getting launched at the big Amiga34 event in Neuss, Germany where Amitopia Amiga Magazine will be. Now it is finally official! Vampire V4 Standalone is here! Ladies and gentlemen, Vampire V4 Standalone is finally here Apollo Team which is the ones behind Vampire V4Continue Reading

Vampire 68080 Amiga 500 Usage Experience

The time is nearly here and the future for Amiga is also changing a lot very soon. With the arrival of the Vampire V2 cards from Apollo Team which is covered by Amitopia. The future for Amigan’s is brighter than ever and Now! All 68080 accelerated equipped classic Amia home computersContinue Reading