The AmiDev Team Presents AmiFox: ALB42, MCDOPE, and AMIX
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The AmiFox Idea?

In this age of the Internet. I think that anyone using a computer should be able to browse websites and get the knowledge that the web gives. Therefore I gave the idea to the AmiTube creator that we could implement ideas in it and make a full web experience for every Amiga user.

There are some great web browsers for Amiga, but they can only handle HTML 4, SSL, and limited Javascript options. Therefore it is very difficult for low-end Amiga users to browse simple websites with info like the entire Wikipedia.

With AmiFox this is now possible. AmiFox changes the entire web experience for every Amiga user. But do not delete Aweb or iBrowse.

What is AmiFox for?

AmiFox is for people that need a better web experience on Classic Amiga. With AmiFox you can reach Wikipedia or check out info about the latest demoscene events and productions at on any Amiga.

  • Use it for a better web experience on Classic Amiga
  • Read websites that you can not read with Aweb or iBrowse
  • Download Files from sites that you can not with Aweb or iBrowse

Is there a reason for using AmiFox?

Using Aweb or iBrowse is nice for HTML-only websites such as Aminet or But once you use other websites such as Amitopia or browse Amiga stores such as Amedia Computer France. You need a browser that can show CSS fully!

With AmiFox you can enter almost the entire world wide web that is available to a Chrome-based browser.

First Ai-generated image done with AmiFox?

Why should you Download AmiFox?

Because it is an awesome web tool for every Amiga home computer. You can use it on the most basic internet-connected Amiga or on the most high-end 68060 Amiga too. The faster Amiga you’ve got, the better the web experience with AmiFox.

Use it for reading sites that got vital information about Amiga. Download Amiga demoscene productions from sites that are impossible to reach with iBrowse and Aweb. Look at Google Maps with your Classic Amiga if you don’t have a laptop or a modern computer beside you.

AmiFox is not a full replacement for Wayfarer or Firefox. But it is a nice tool to have in various situations. On a 68060 Amiga, the speed is just a bit slower than on the real thing. But on an OCS Amiga such as Amiga 600 a webpage will load much slower. It is handy for getting what you need.

How does AmiFox actually work?

It is a very similar project to Opera Mini. It is using a virtual Chrome browser on our backend that basically is remote-controlled by AmiFox sending back images of the webpage and processing mouse clicks and keystrokes.

This is a web browser that uses a WRP server to surf and send images back to the Amigas that are clickable.

Is my data secure when using AmiFox?

The containers can only be used by your AmiFox session that you start when entering a website link in the browser. This is ensured by a secure token (generated based on session and random crypto data) exchanged between AmiFox and the virtual server.

So if anyone guesses the IP and port of it he still can’t use your virtual browser in which you might have logged into $randomService.

The virtual server/browser and AmiFox will use a TLS-encrypted connection if you have AmiSSL installed. If you don’t have it installed it will fall back to an unencrypted connection.

You can quickly see your current status in the lower right corner, if you see a closed lock your communication is TLS secured. If it’s open you’re using an unencrypted connection. In case TLS causes trouble for you, you can force disable it by using the tooltype UseSSL=NO.

The trust level of the open WRP server that AmiFox connects to Info

The trust chain always ends at us (the AmiDev team) – even with TLS-secured communication admins of the servers hosting the virtual servers could theoretically access the data inside the virtual servers.

By using the open server with the AmiFox client on your Classic Amiga. You should treat AmiFox as „some random proxy server“ and only trust it as much as you trust us. Of course, if you ask us: you can blindly trust us But who would trust us on saying so?

So, do not log in to social media sites with AmiFox when using the open server is our advice. If you however install the WRP server locally, it is basically the same as if you have Chrome installed. The AmiDev Team are trusted people, but we urge you to follow this to ensure you are fully aware.

Can I host my own server for AmiFox?

Yes, it is possible to use your own WRP server. You can either use the original WRP or the patched special version for AmiFox from us. Our special version offers more functions than the original (most of all click and drag of the mouse, possible to download files, security token, SSL if wanted)

You can also use the ready-to-use docker container. Here are some scripts to get the container, start and stop it: AmiFoxServer-Scripts

To tell AmiFox to use that server add the Tooltype to the AmiFox icon: WRPSERVER=http://server_name_or_ip:port if you gave it a security token to connect you set that also via a ToolType WRPTOKEN=xxxx

What do I need for AmiFox to run?

You need to have MUI 3.8 or later installed on AmigaOS 3.x. An ethernet stack such as Roadshow 68k is also required. For SSL to be activated, you need AmiSSL installed. Any Amiga with 68000 and 8MB RAM can run AmiFox. But the fun starts at 68020+. For lower, use AmiFox and be patient.

AmiFox is not a complete replacement for Aweb or iBrowse. Certain sites such as Aminet, are faster using them.

If you want to watch YouTube clips on your Classic Amiga with AmiFox, you need to get AmiTube. Install it and add it to the AmiFox settings. In this way when browsing YouTube with AmiFox and want to watch a clip. Then you click on the desired clip and AmiFox will ask if it is ok to open AmiTube. Handy!

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I love to be able to fetch stuff I need with my Amiga! Thanx for the great software.”

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…Because it works really good… I’m using it more and more in recent times…”

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Amiga Never Dies”