The Platform That Refuses to Die reveals Amiga 1200+

There is so much going on in our Amiga world. Both in the software and hardware area. Amitopia Amiga Magazine tries to follow up but it’s hard at times. Amiga 1200+ one of those projects that should have gotten much bigger attention but haven’t. This is a re-implementation of theContinue Reading

Amiga 1200 accelerator Vampire 1200 is now in Development

Psssst!!! Apollo Team hasn’t forgotten Amiga 1200. It is on the move! A video of Vampire 1200 connected to the expansion connector on Amiga 1200 also shows some progress below. In our Vampire V4 Standalone article. Apollo Team seems to be gearing up their development to release these new FPGAContinue Reading

External PCMCIA adapter for Amiga 1200

The amazing person behind RastPort is doing it again. A totally new External PCMCIA adapter is now available for Amiga 1200. It should also work on Amiga 600, but this hasn’t been tested. External PCMCIA adapter for Amiga 1200 KA02 is the name of RastPort’s new product for Amiga 1200.Continue Reading