Vampire V4 Standalone Amiga Compatible Computer Launch at Amiga34

A new Amiga Compatible Computer is getting launched at the big Amiga34 event in Neuss, Germany where Amitopia Amiga Magazine will be. Now it is finally official! Vampire V4 Standalone is here! Ladies and gentlemen, Vampire V4 Standalone is finally here Apollo Team which is the ones behind Vampire V4Continue Reading

New Warp 1260 Cooler for Amiga 1200 is under Testing

Not many have created innovative coolers for Amiga. Most of the computers have always used CPUs such as 68000, 68020 or even 68030 that don’t need coolers. But Warp 1260 will need some sort of cooling. 68060 is one of the most Loved Amiga CPUs in history This CPU isContinue Reading

Check out this Stylish Protective Dust Cover for Amiga 600

There are not so many products that aim at protecting your Amiga when traveling. Our classic Amigas is becoming old so products like this new Protective Dust Cover for Amiga 600 from Retro Ready aims at protecting your precious Amigas even longer is a must thing to have. It isContinue Reading

Amiga 1200 Warp 1260 Heatsink Prototype

Including making the amazing Warp 1260 68060 accelerators for Amiga 1200. They don’t stop there. Now they are also making this heatsink for their accelerators. It will be an external addon for the card that will be able to cool down the card. Warp 1260 custom heatsink prototype design ThisContinue Reading