morphos amigaos 4 sonos controller

With this remarkable SonosController application installed, you can listen to Amiga Music that Paula is making using your Sonos portable speaker! The Amiga community never stops to amaze me, and Michael Rupp is a fantastic example to give.

SonosController is created using Hollywood 10.0 and its plugins RapaGUI 2.1, hURL 2.0, and XML 2.0.

I tested the software on both Warp Amiga 1200 and on my PiStorm Amiga 2000. Once I am done with the review, it will posted here on the site. So, be prepared to be inspired.

Get SonosController for both Classic and Nextgen Amiga

SonosController application works on any Amiga with 3.x or higher.

You can find Classic AmigaOS with and without FPU support. There are also MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x, and WarpOS versions of the application. 68020+ (68060 strongly recommended) with FPU, MUI 3.8, AmiSSL 5, and one or more Sonos speakers. Cheaper ones from IKEA will also work, including more expensive Sonos speakers.

Get the SonosController 1.3 Here