This is not a dream anymore. A new Amiga is arriving on 28th of June. That is the brand new A600GS! A new Amiga in 2024 that will give the Amiga market a remarkable comeback!

The GS letters in A600GS stand for a game system, but A600GS will also come with AmiBench, with full AmigaOS 3.x compatibility. AmiBench is a fork of OS4 with AROS code in it. The A600GS will come with emulation and libs that can take advantage of the ARM CPU to speed things up.

From the moment you start AmiBench, you have AmigaOS in full HDTV resolution with beautiful icons.

Pre-orders of A600GS are open

You can order the A600GS alone or order it with a USB mouse. Amiga joysticks work, but Amiga mouse support will come later. The A600GS is made so that it will be easy to upgrade it. These will be sent as free online updates through their service called AmiSphere.

AmiBench comes with A600GS and with it tons of new software:

  • Personal Paint (PPaint) V7.4
  • OctaMED V8
  • Final Writer V7

But that’s not all. A600GS will also come with tons of great utilities to get you started such as Directory Opus V4, EaglePlayer, HippoPlayer, Dock, Clock, and Calendar!

Cheapest Amiga Home Computer Ever

The price for A600GS is set at £129.99!!! which includes 20% tax. + £10 for a USB mouse purchase as an option. Even though AmiBench and the games are running on emulation, it’s the first new total package that you can get. You can’t get any cheaper Amiga out there. The A500 Mini is great, but the A600GS proves that the Amiga is a home computer… which I love.

I really hope that the programs coming for AmiBench will also run on Classic AmigaOS setups. A600GS invites tons of x-Amigans back to the Amiga without robbing everyone’s wallets.

A600GS is the most interesting headline of 2024. Now it’s time for A600GS to make the Amiga spirit grow.

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