The Platform That Refuses to Die reveals Amiga 1200+

There is so much going on in our Amiga world. Both in the software and hardware area. Amitopia Amiga Magazine tries to follow up but it’s hard at times. Amiga 1200+ one of those projects that should have gotten much bigger attention but haven’t. This is a re-implementation of theContinue Reading

Alex Kidd for Amiga Released at Kiwi Jam 2019

There is a name that people should start to know and that is Erik Hogan. A fantastic person from New Zealand that evolves his Classic Amiga connection with the rest of the world by releasing interesting games for the platform. Alex Kidd now runs on a basic Amiga 500 ThisContinue Reading

custom software development company Hyperion released AmigaOS 3.1.4 for all

Hyperion Entertainment is the ones behind the AmigaOS 3.1.4 update. Now they have even released an update that is released on their file area that you as a buyer should have access to. In this frequently asked questions text file that they released on Aminet, Hyperion goes thru some ofContinue Reading

Classic Amiga will soon Warp into 68060 Dimension

Amiga love seems like a neverending story. Our several year’s old computers that we all love is still getting love from its users worldwide. And now new 68060 accelerators will boost it even further. Andrzej Rogożyński is such a person that loves our classic Amiga. So he and his teamContinue Reading