With the release of A600GS approaching on the 28th of June 2024. AmiStore is now on its way to AmiBench and AmigaOS 3.x running on RTG with at least 32MB of RAM.

The application opens on the Workbench screen. From here, you can choose what products you want to purchase and download.

This means that you will be able to purchase AmiStore products from A600GS and your Classic Amiga with RTG. Downloading the 68k version of Personal Paint won’t be a problem anymore.

Once the product from AmiStore is purchased, you can use it on your favorite 68k Amiga system.

Aminet has been out for the World Wide Web since the 1980s. But AmiStore is making it possible to purchase and use A-EON software on AmigaOS 4 and now for AmiBench and AmigaOS 3.x with RTG and 32MB RAM or more.

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