Commodore Amiga Games

Today we look thru the 3 best Amiga games that put Super Mario Bros as a platform into shame. For many, Super Mario Bros is Nintendo’s icon that started the platform gaming genre popularity. But many forget that Commodore AMIGA came out in 1985 and in 1987, Amiga 500 gotContinue Reading

Vampire V4 Standalone Effect

June Activity Report has landed for everyone interested in what’s going on with the 68080 FPGA accelerators for classic Amiga and the new standalone Vampire V4 card. It’s been exciting weeks lately in the Apollo Team for sure and here is some words regarding the steps been made. Summer willContinue Reading

Reshoot R for AGA Amiga Try Out

Richard Löwenstein is creating Reshoot R for AGA Amiga. A fantasic extravaganza upgrade from his first Reshoot game that many commented to be way too hard. Amitopia mentioned it back in April 2017. Well, now it is 2018 and the very same person is gearing up the beat regarding ReshootContinue Reading