Since 1997, when the first ports of Doom execute were released. Most PC users stopped saying that Amiga can’t play Doom. But still, some can’t stop publishing untrue facts about Amiga.

This is the Amiga port of Odamex!

What is Odamex?

Odamex is a modified Doom source port based on csDoom (itself based on ZDoom 1.22) running on a wide range of systems including the Amiga platform. It has been designed to allow client/server-based Doom gameplay over the Internet or LAN with advanced networking features, such as packet compression, or unlagged. Odamex is also the only GNU GPL licensed true client/server port available.

This version of Odamex for Amiga runs on AGA Amigas. It is also recommended to have a 68060 CPU or higher.