On the 28th of June 2024. A600GS will be launched. It is a fantastic new product for Amigans, x-Amigans, and people fed up with using only Windows or macOS daily. Here Amiga Kit in the UK is bringing a full game system that is much more!

With the A600GS, you also get the latest AmiBench release. For the price of £130! A600GS will arrive to all that do pre-order.

A600GS is getting ready to be sent to customers

The case of A600GS looks really nice as you can see above. The chase comes with fan holes formed as the Amiga checkmark logo. Amiga Kit shows me that they are thinking of the Amiga feeling all the way here, which is great for the Amiga future. Amiga marked needed this comeback now!

Use any Amiga Joysticks with A600GS

With two Dual 9-pin Joystick Ports that accept Commodore-compatible joysticks and later also mouse. A600GS is a true Amiga product in 2024, that deserves much love and support. Amitopia wants to help Amiga Kit in selling A600GS as the magazine I committed to bring Amiga forward today.

I want the A600GS product to succeed so that the Amiga Kit Amiga Store can continue and bring the amazing Amiga computer platform back to people’s homes. A600GS comes with games, a paint program, a music program, and many known AmigaOS applications.

AmiBench for A600GS also comes with the AmiStore 68k version that is getting released for AmigaOS 3.x RTG 32MB RAM setups too.

With AmiBench, which comes with A600GS you will be able to run AmigaOS 3.x software on your TV, or just play games. 1GB of RAM is allocated to the Amiga software part, which is more than enough. Their own AmiSphere which is also launching will provide automatic updates to the system too so your AmiBench will stay up to date.

Another cool feature of AmiBench is that it supports file transfers to and from it using a USB pen. Once A600GS is here, you will get all the details on Amitopia website.

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