In 1998, Amitopia was formed as a on-line paper magazine. It was created by Michal Bergseth, which is still a Amiga user even today, ever since 1988. At its peak, the magazine had over 100 subscribers. In the start Michal produced all of the copies at home by himself with his own printer. Later, Amitopia got a cheap company in Oslo to produce these issues. In 2003 the last copy of the paper version of Amitopia was manufactured and everything put on-line in some various attempts. Then in 2008, Amitopia TV started up and gave the Internet worlds first Amiga channel on-line on YouTube and Vimeo.

Now on 17th of October 2016, Amitopia is finally on its own website with the aim of giving you Amiga content both on-line and thru streaming content.

Welcome to Amitopia website and I hope you enjoy your stay. Together with Distrita website, Amitopia will bring you Only Amiga news, articles and Interviews. It is here that we bring you Amiga News to You!