In 1998, Amitopia was formed as a paper magazine. The founder of it was Michal Bergseth, which is still an active Amiga user today.

In 2003 Amitopia had over 231 Subscribers. At the same time Amitopia TV was launched as a project. In 2009 Distrita started up with Amiga content from Amitopia. In 2016 got Launched.

Today Amitopia Amiga Magazine consists of two writers, marketing helpers, grammar checker and also some freelancers. Everyone can submit news and articles to:



  • Amiga 500 68080 Gold 2.11 128MB RAM 64GB HD Plipbox Deluxe (AmigaOS 3.9)
  • Amiga 600 68000 7.14MHz 1MB RAM 4GB HD PCMCIA Ethernet WiFi Compact Flash Reader (AmigaOS 3.1)
  • Amiga 600 68000 7.14MHz 1MB RAM 850MB HD (AmigaOS 2.0)
  • Amiga 1200 68060 50MHz 32MB RAM 32GB HD PCMCIA Ethernet WiFi Compact Flash Reader (AmigaOS 3.1.4)


  • iBook G4 1.33GHz 1GB RAM 120GB HD (MorphOS 3.11)
  • PowerBook G4 1.64GHz 2GB RAM 64GB HD (MorphOS 3.11)
  • PowerMac G5 2GHz 2GB RAM 120GB HD (MorphOS 3.11)
  • *iMac i7, *ASUS i7 PC, *MacBook PRO Retina i5

* = AROS Icaros Desktop

Amitopia Amiga Magazine Team

  • Michal Bergseth
  • Hugo Pereira
  • Trond Grindvold
  • Gjermund Karlsen
  • Sally Ann


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Today Amitopia Amiga Magazine team is powered by Distrita DA. It is part of the Distrita sites that is created by Trond Grindvold and Michal Bergseth. Amitopia Amiga Magazine also sends Huge thanks to The Guru Meditation, Amiten TV, Ms Mad Lemon, Modern Vintage Gamer, Kookytech and Paula Powered for helping out. Financial help and guidance is made possible because of Markus Pahl.