The world of the Amiga world amazes me every day more and more. There are huge commercial projects such as Dopus Magellan was and then you have small and unique apps such as Tiny Launcher too by gibs2b. Launch apps Fast and Easy with Tiny Launcher Tiny Launcher is aContinue Reading

NetSurf 3.9 BETA for Classic Amiga Revealed

Is there a chance that the most loved web browser which is IBrowse for Classic AmigaOS can be beaten? IBrowse development seems not to care too much about getting it updated soon. In this Amitopia Feature, we take a look at the browser that can do it. But will ChrisContinue Reading

Back in 1995 when Commodore was no more and thousands of Amiga users changed to the PC platform. There was still some geniuses developing great software and games for Amiga. One of the companies was Audiogenic ASL (publisher) and Unconscious Minds (developer). They managed to release Odyssey for Amiga! AnContinue Reading

CF2IDE is a Nice Upgrade for Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200

With a big thanks to Retro Ready. Amitopia got this awesome CF2IDE adapter from them which is made by Archi-TECH for review. CF2IDE adapter is now available for purchase. It makes it much easier to connect Compact Flash disks to your Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200. CF2IDE comes with Interesting featuresContinue Reading