New Amiga power supply Replacement for low-end systems Review

Your internal computer components inside every Amiga computer are very sensitive. If powered with strong, unregulated current, they can easily get damaged. Thus, you should choose your power supply unit carefully when you are building your own computer. Once you upgrade your low-end Amiga computer. That machine needs more energy.Continue Reading

Review of AppLauncher for MorphOS A New desktop Tool for the Screenbar

One of the best nextgen AmigaOS compatible operating systems is MorphOS. A neat little operating system that aims at bringing the best from AmigaOS and this new app introduce new 3rd party functions from a developer that cares about how you use MorphOS. You can download AppLauncher for MorphOS forContinue Reading

Review of Songplayer for Amiga

The criteria for these series of Audio Player Amiga reviews is that the Audio Players works on 68000 to 68080, and on the nextgen PowerPC operating systems AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS 3.x – Here we want to reveal some of the apps that is much easier to use, got theContinue Reading

Amiga Paula Channel Mixed Sound with KA72 Amplifier

Got some spare headphones with minijack? Wanted to hear how Amiga Paula sound should be with them? Did it sound strange? Well, it’s because Paula itself isn’t mixing the channels at all. So, when you connect your regular minijack headphones to your Amiga without a Amplifier. The channels sounds notContinue Reading