Interview with the Developer of Inviyya for OCS Amiga

The Amiga community is full of creative Amigans doing lot’s of stuff for the Amiga. Now the oldest Amiga home computers will get a New shooter very soon. I wanted to know more about the author behind Inviyya for OCS Amiga home computers. All of the shots and videos lookContinue Reading

World Premiere of Reshoot R for Amiga AGA Today

My first ever shooter that I played on my Amiga 500 was Menace for the Amiga. For me personally, it was way ahead of its time I think. Menace is one of the very first games for Amiga that got parallax scrolling. Also, the game contains awesome graphics, a lovelyContinue Reading

Interview with Shinji about Amiga In Japan

Finally. Here are our Questions regarding Amiga in Japan. Not only was it mysterious in Commodore times but almost no information came out after the demise neither. Here in Europe, most of us felt it on our bones how big threat both Nintendo and SEGA from Japan was towards AmigaContinue Reading