On the 29th of December, the record download stats were set. The latest information regarding which CDXL video format each day is recorded and then deleted. YouTube on the Amiga AmiTube project seems to be used by more and more people.

These download stats show positive numbers for sure. That version added the possibility to download YouTube on Amiga in CDXL 32 Colors, CDXL 256 Colors, and MPEG1 format.

So, which of the CDXL versions is the most downloaded using AmiTube?

AmiTube Amiga Users Download Stats

Here are the stats for AmiTube since the 0.5 release:

The stats don’t really say anything about which Amiga computer has been used for downloading the YouTube clips. But it shows that the AGA Amiga CDXL format is in the 1st place, with MPEG1 on 2nd and CDXL for OCS Amigas on 3rd.

It is fantastic to see that 20GB of CDXL AGA video clips has been downloaded. It means that AmiTube does the job it was intended for. To give Amiga users a tool that can gather videos from a source with millions of videoclips.

Amiga 4000 040 basic setup using AmiTube

All Amiga computers from Commodore and ESCOM can play YouTube clips and AmiTube makes that possible. CDXL clips require 68000 1MB of RAM or more, while AmiTube requires 68000 4MB RAM to work. You also need to install the latest MUI to make it work. Read everything about AmiTube here.

Also, do check out information about AGABlaster which is an awesome CDXL player for AmigaOS here. MultiView that comes with AmigaOS ain’t that good for now.