Reshoot R for AGA Amiga Try Out

Richard Löwenstein is creating Reshoot R for AGA Amiga. A fantasic extravaganza upgrade from his first Reshoot game that many commented to be way too hard. Amitopia mentioned it back in April 2017. Well, now it is 2018 and the very same person is gearing up the beat regarding ReshootContinue Reading

ADOM Amiga Version

“After 6000 years of peace the beautiful world of Ancardia is once more threatened by the forces of Chaos. Dark and sinister beings emerge from a huge dungeon complex hidden in a remote mountain range known as the Drakalor Chain. They plunder, burn and kill everything they encounter and poseContinue Reading

Inviyya is yet another Amiga game that is in development. This is a totally new Amiga Shoot Em Up that have been released onto YouTube for showing of how the gameplay is going to look. The music which is played during this pre-alpha gameplay is already showing quality. So, itContinue Reading