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Normally I would just ignore any blocking of Amitopia. But the team behind a fantastic new shooter for the platform simply doesn’t want to be mentioned in our Amiga magazine. That would be fine if they just didnt want to. But the reasons that they came with are that AmitopiaContinue Reading

As we all know Apollo is the most advanced CPU for the new generation of Classic Amiga (68k). Dynamic execution or out of order execution is a big step in the evolution of Apollo and will allow it to reach a new level in the overall performance of the Amiga.Continue Reading

There is something really social about Amiga meetups worldwide. Its like if Amigan’s knows their family. Even if you meet an Amiga user, you feel that hes been your friend all of your life. That’s a bit special and very special for a computer community for sure. Here we haveContinue Reading