If you love Stardust, Super Stardust or even the obscure Wendetta 2140 game for the Amiga. Then you will love Reshoot R when it will be out. Reshoot R Revealed at Amiga32 gives hope for European Shooters without any doubt. Check out Richard’s Reshoot R Patreon site here. Support him.

Also those which sort of liked the first Reshoot game will also love or even those that hated the first Reshoot game. Because, Reshoot R is a totally different game. It might not look like it on photos.

I recommend you to try watching the video below. Reshoot R Revealed below!

Reshoot R Revealed at Amiga32 by Amitopia TV

Reshoot R is Reshoot with Super Stardust Power and much more

Ok. This is not the same game as Super Stardust at all. This is a pure arcade shooter, while Super Stardust is a very good asteroids action game. Reshoot R is in fact much more alike the first Reshoot game but with many new improvements. Its sort of a Revolution over Reshoot which people both loved and hated. People loved the graphics, but the game was simply to hard and there was no fun getting killed.

In Reshoot R you have everything that Reshoot got but so MUCH MORE. In Reshoot R your ship is looking better. The graphics is even pimped a lot up, the gameplay is way more fluid and the fact that Richard have introduced new power-up’s have changed Reshoot game totally. Also now you have a nice high score too, so its possible to challenge yourself against others. Amitopia will at Syntax Society party in Sweden in a few weeks for sure. Will be fun!

Incredible Enemy Design in Reshoot R Revealed by Richard

In the video above you can see me commenting the animated worms alike aliens. I simply LOVED THEM and Richard pointed out to me that I was the very first one to see the beauty of its design. He was happy and in this pre-look article about this game I still thinks its one of the most unique creatures that I’ve ever seen in a shooter. I have played many arcade action Japanese action games (krmt… argh.. writing skills…) and I must say that Amiga platform got one of the best European Arcarde shooters. Simple as that. And when I saw the boss in Reshoot R I was totally sold!

The Reshoot R boss and its style of shooting reminded me a lot of the bosses in Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga game. Well, I don’t have anything to come with at this point other than that Reshoot R will become Richard Löwenstein’s best game ever and I really hope that this game will sell. Because it deserves. It is everything that Reshoot wasn’t! It’s soo much more and the parallax scrolling technique in Reshoot R is showing that Richard now got the Amiga Parallax Scrolling technique into his fingertips when coding this game.

Some Minor Comments Regarding Reshoot R and Final Pre-Score

Only critical comment is music. I didn’t get the chance to hear it when I tried it that much. In the Gamescom footage above it is awesome though. So the score is rather personal for me and my experience with Reshoot R. However, I think that the shooting sound is a bit to loud compared to the music which is nicely made. Hope its either fixable or let the game settings have options for adjusting music and sound effects in the end.

I also hope that Richard will add more life chances in the beginning. It isn’t a obligatory thing to do as it is his game and not mine, but this should eventually be an option in the menu. A difference in difficulty level maybe?

It is really fun to see how much better Reshoot R have become. Even though, I’ve only played the Amiga32 demo version of the game. I am really looking forward for the release and maybe we can see a AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS release later??? That would be Universe Colliding Extravaganza Cool thing to do! Let’s hope!

Reshoot R looks like is going to be a great game and will be only available for Amiga when released. We are really looking forward to it! Reshoot R revealed info will be put on Amitopia site as fast as we get it. Do not worry about that!


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