Is it possible to browse the open-source OpenStreetMap maps with Amiga? Yes, it is fully possible with MUImapparium but you need an FPU for a better experience. With MUImapparium you can search for streets with your Classic Amiga or Nextgen Amiga. It is brilliant. Just watch the video below! MUImappariumContinue Reading

Matthew Leaman of A-EON Technology, which is the company making AmigaOne X5000 and soon A1222 Tabor motherboard got some nice news regarding modern AMD graphics cards using the Polaris chipset. Within 2018, Polaris based AMD graphic chipsets will be supported by the AmigaOS 4 extension “Enhancer Software”. Matthew announces onContinue Reading

In this video Bill demonstrates how to install Amiga OS4.1 Final Edition on a Windows PC using Amiga Forever 2016 Premium Edition emulation and the instructions in Krzysztof Radzikowski’s book “Amiga OS4.1 Emulation” Subscribe to TheGuruMeditation ? TheGuruMeditation ? Purchase Amiga OS4.1 Emulation Book Here: Amiga OnContinue Reading