The remarkable Italian-printed amiga magazine Passione Amiga is now available worldwide. You can purchase it on Amazon. Content of Issue 17 Passione Amiga This is a full-packed magazine for Italian Amiga users. It is the January-February release of the magazine! Here are Parrione Amiga Issue 17 highlights: Games ReviewCrimbo, STARContinue Reading

Amiten Games released the very first Amiga game in 2024. Dogi is the name of the game and it is a simple but funny platformer for all Amigas with 512KB + 512KB Extra RAM. The graphics are fresh and nice. Playing is fun as your task is to collect orangesContinue Reading

Now OpenSSL 3.2 is available for all AmigaOS systems. On MorphOS you need AmiSSL installed if you want to use 68k AmigaOS software that requires AmiSSL. This is version 5.13 of the open-source-based AmiSSL library for Amiga-based operating systems. AmiSSL v5 is a new major release that has been updatedContinue Reading