Boss Machine is under heavy development. The crater graphics in the game is just mind-blowing good. Especially when you understand that this gameplay runs nicely on any basic AGA Amiga configuration. This means that any Amiga 1200 with 68020 and 2MB Chip RAM runs the game nicely. Just see the incredible demonstration below by Daniel Stephens on YouTube, where you can see that 23 layers of animation fly in the background together with shooting action.

This game will set a new standard of games made for the Amiga platform. Together with the Metro Siege fighting game and Reshoot R shooter, Boss Machine when released will be pushing all Classic Amiga models with the AGA chipset.

When the physical package of Boss Machine for the AGA Amiga game is released in the near future, it will be an awesome demonstration of what the Amiga computers can do. Just by looking at the videoclips and pictures of it, I want to play this shooter now!

Boss Machine will fly! And finally, put the Amiga platform on a respectable gaming sphere that no one has ever seen before. Amiga is in 2021 way more than what meets the eyes when it comes to gaming and what people think of its gaming possibilities.