The next big shoot’em up game for Amiga is a remarkable piece of art that is under development right now. Boss Machine development is going on and in the latest Crater video way, more gameplay is revealed. The impressions of the game that I’ve got now are higher than ever.

Boss Machine takes the Amiga AGA parallax scrolling to a new dimension is seen everywhere including on Reddit. Together with the new Reshoot Proxima 3 game, a new era for Amiga shooters is hitting our amazing platform. This game development progress video proves that Amiga is an amazing computing platform and that the limits of its possibilities are endless. The developers are targeting basic Amiga 1200 configuration, so seeing what’s been achieved is just abnormal fantastic!

Boss Machine development is now revealing interesting gameplay more and more. The speed of the ship can be decreased and increased during the gameplay. The weapon system is interesting and it just flows smoothly altogether.

I can’t wait for playing this game on my Amiga and I hope it will be out soon. I hope for before Christmas, but quality needs time and so I understand the wait for something good. Boss Machine is worth waiting for. So, do grabb yourself an Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or Amiga CD32! Start that process now is my advice. If you haven’t already.

Music and Sound effects Boss Machine Impressions

Music and the hitting sound effects blow my mind a lot too in the video teaser that they put on YouTube which they gave me permission to grab images from.

When the physical package of Boss Machine for the AGA Amiga game is released, it will be awesome. Just by looking at the pictures I want to play this shooter now!

Its sad that the Amiga shooters after the release of Menace many years ago, didn’t get the rise until when Reshoot R and Inviyya got released. It is great to see that the community is still active. They prove that Amiga is way more than what meets the eye. It is what you want it to be and Boss Machine is a perfect example.

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