At Amiga34 I was allowed to play Reshoot R at Richard’s stand a lot. Since the announcement about it coming. I was eager to test the latest demo. I loved it even more after playing. Now after 10 months I have been playing this game and its time to do an almost a year review!

What an improvement Reshoot R is over the original Reshoot game it was I said to Richard at Amiga34! I also commented on the snake alike aliens made in the game and Richard seemed impressed. I have always loved euroshooters such as Super Stardust, Menace and Swiv. So the first impressions I got of Reshoot R was pretty hyped. Would the impressions stay when the full release got out, was my thinking. And I can reveal that my impressions were exceeded by millions.

I personally wanted to do a review just after Reshoot R was out, but because of such rarity and awesomeness. I wanted to give the game time and see if it holds up. Do I still play it today? Yes, I do!

Reshoot R got a commercial Amiga AGA release

After the amazing event at Amiga34, I waited for the full game to be released for many weeks! I personally had so much high hopes for the commercial release of the game. I wanted Reshoot R to be a gateway for me as a Amiga influencer to spread an amazing Amiga game showing what Amiga AGA can do.

Finally, on the 30th of May 2020 Reshoot R got released! A new commercially shoot em up for the Amiga AGA platform. So, here is my 10 months playing review of Reshoot R.

Reshoot R is coded by Richard Löwenstein! The impressive Adam Morton is behind the impressive Graphics and Sound + Pixels is made by Kevin Saunders. They are all 3 in the team called spieleschreiber and supported by ! The game is sold today by many retailers such as Amedia Computer France, and The game costs between 30 euros and 48 Euros depending on what version you want. Support the Amiga game creators today!

Never boring

Japanese ballet of Death is something I wrote before the game came out. But after playing it for a year. I can say that this is one of the best euroshooters for any platform. The difficulty in the game makes the game never boring. You actually want to play it over and over. Not like the first Reshoot game. I like that he added upgrades and degrades the space ships possibilities in the game when you hit an anemy or an obstacle.

There is something about euroshooters that is more calm but at the same time interesting to play. The powerups are different and the pace is a bit slower. The pumping techno dance music in the background makes you stay playing the game and is in my view syncronized well with whats going on the screen. I love that the music and the intensity breaks up during the gameplay.

Reshoot R is in my view never boring. It plays very well still 10 months after. I found out how much fun there is by using a Amiga CD32 controller. Switching between it and a Joystick lets the gameplay change a lot for you. So, try out for yourself what is the best controller to use.

Smooth scrolling

The scrolling in Reshoot R is ultra-smooth with no slowdowns. The game also works without issues on 68060. The shooting mechanism is genius with various upgrades. You can notice the colors of your spaceship change while you upgrade or when your unfortunate to become degraded. The movement of the spaceship is also great. You have powerups that give you fast-flying change, so you can dodge bullets from enemy ships and aliens easier.

During the gameplay, the graphics in the background and foreground changes a lot. The parallax scrolling in this game is genius. So many layers have been used that you really feel that this is a worthy game to have been purchased if you do so. The music also put an extra touch on everything. Your spaceship is also rotating too while moving. Reshoot R got so many details that put it as one of the best shooters for the Amiga of all time.

You will not be disappointed. I am not. I even like it more now as the previous Reshoot is left in the dust. Reshoot R is so much better than the original game. I loved the graphics in Reshoot but I died way too easy in it. I love the way that the game plays in Reshoot R overall and that the difficult decision makes me come back to the game between articles and news postings is a pure kick. Who would think that a commercial game for Amiga in 2020 would do such an impact?

Well, Reshoot R did an remarkable impact on me and is in my view a Recommended game to buy. Reshoot R shows that the Amiga platform is alive! It deserves to be.

Amitopia Play Score
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Lastability: 10/10
Total: 10/10