This Amiga News is everything that I love about the Amiga. It proves that the Amiga future is beyond anyones thoughts. The love for the freedom of development is something that only AmigaOS can provide. HippoPlayer is now finally back for the future after over 20 years of absence. Version 2.47

Including HippoPlayer’s comeback to the world of Amiga. You can also read about SnoopDos which is back here. EaglePlayer is also getting updates. Thanks to all involved into reviving HippoPlayer.

New supported formats in HippoPlayer

- Medley Sound and Future Player
  - The author of these and the superb Imploder themes
    Paul van der Valk has recently passed away. His sound was truly unique!
  - Future Player replayer adapted from Wanted Team EaglePlayer sources.
  - Medley Sound replayer ripped from Imploder 4.
- Ben Daglish
  - Also adapted from EaglePlayer sources by Wanted Team.
- DeliTracker Custom
  - There are hundreds of these modules available, with varying
    quality. Many modules work fine but some behave badly. They may do
    illegal memory accesses or crash speactacularly. The same happens
    also when played with DeliTracker.  
  - One version of _Lemmings_ tries to do file accesses to load
    separate sample files, this is not supporte by Hippo and will
    probably crash. 
  - A few modules do not get recognized as the important bits are not
    close enough to the start of the file. 
  - Minor issue: Some modules display the subsong range in the
    titlebar so that the first song is #2 instead of #1. 
- Beathoven Synthesizer
- Game Music Creator (Jumping Jack'Son!)
- Digital Mugician 1
- PumaTracker
- SidMon 2 (SidMon 1 is already supported)
- Delta Music 1 (Delta Music 2 is already supported)

On GitHub Kari-Pekka Koljonen had released the first update of his Amiga-MOD player known as HippoPlayer for the Amiga community. The new HippoPlayer is also available on Aminet. The legacy is moving on. Great future for people loving to give Paula the action it needs.

There’s also better compatibility with the GUI enhancement tool VisualPrefs for AmigaOS that you can find on Aminet here. It lets you customize the look a lot.