Trails GPS Tracker Amiga Stats

The remarkable Amiga coder behind the OpenStreetMap application MUImapparium and Ask Your Amiga Wikipedia Question and Answers application is doing several coding projects. Now his coding skills are going for getting stats about his sports activity. He is a user of a bicycle daily. So he drives every day to work and nearly every day a little round as training just for fun.

While training with his bike he also brings with him his iPhone and Apple Watch, as it’s very easy to record the tracks with that (he uses an application named “Trails” that you can find here). So, since he is a brilliant Amiga FreePascal coder. He would love to see those stats been shown in AmigaOS. The application he uses can’t transfer data to the Amiga so he decided to do his own way of Inspecting Recorded Tracks with Amiga.

TrackStat Project Started for Amiga

Because of no tool for his Apple devices with the Trails application on them, he coded his own little tool to show some statistics about his last rounds, which he coded with Free Pascal for Amiga and it worked quite nicely and easily. Most of the stuff is already there in MUIMapparium (reading GPX files and calculating track properties).

I find this interesting and hope that he will release it. Looks nice I think. Bonus for people using the Trailers application for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Interesting piece of software!