MUIMapparium Showing Oslo
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We have been writing about this MUIMapparium app for a long time. It is an OpenStreetMap viewer for AmigaOS that doesn’t require you to use a web browser.

MUIMapparium 0.8 requires following Amiga setups

  • Amiga 68k, 68020+, (68881+ FPU recommended) AmigaOS 3.0+
  • Amiga OS4, OS 4.0+
  • AROS i386, ABIv0
  • AROS ARM, ABIv0 ARMV6+ VFPV2+ HardFloat (e.g. RasPi 1-3)
  • AROS x86_64, ABIv1 (non-SMP-Version)
  • MorphOS 3.8+

Because this app is made in freepascal. It is very portable to any system. Only custom chipsets such as OCS, ECS and AGA screens are left out. But maybe this will change in the future?

The author has this to say regarding this new MUImapparium Release

One disadvantage of writing a program relying on web resources is, that you have to update that program every time the web resource is changed/updated. In the next days, the search for MUIMapparium will break again, and the Find by IP/ Find me is broken a while before already.

So I updated MUIMapparium to Version 0.8 I also added some small new features, like some more shortcuts and also by popular demand to jump automatically to the first search result. The best update soon before the search function does not work anymore.

Also, the 68k freepascal compiler got some updates which hopefully improve the stability and speed of the m68k-Amiga Version.

Download the latest version at: MUIMapparium Page

Amitopia Amiga Magazine has tested the previous versions of MUIMapparium released by Alb42. Now he needed to update it because of updates made in the Open Street Map service. What a fantastic person he is that continues to support his app. Brilliant!

We love this unique map app and in many cases. So, if someone at our Distrita office tries to find a place in Oslo. Then we at the Amitopia part of Distrita uses MUImapparium instead of Google Maps because it is much faster to open this app than using a web browser.

Even on our Amiga 500 with Vampire V500 V2+ when we search for a place or street in the world. It is much faster to do so by using this app! We love it. Others should envy AmigaOS users for having this app.

MUIMapparium for MorphOS
Here is a shot of MUIMapparium 0.6 which is a previous version

Go around the globe with MUIMapparium

This app is an important reason for using AmigaOS daily. It is a reason for actually giving the AmigaOS positive advertising when posting about it on social media too. Apps like this for AmigaOS shows how brilliant this operating system is. When you have a dedicated coder for our platform, he is able to create useful apps such as MUIMapparium.

Downloads Links for MUIMapparium 0.8

Once we have tested this new version out. We will give you a more extensive overview and update those pictures in this article. For now, try version 0.8 out and browse the world map. MUIMapparium is really useful. Amitopia Amiga Magazine recommends it.


Source: MUIMapparium