In August 2021, the Classic world of Amiga saw the 3.10 update, but it was quickly bumped up to 3.11 as 3.10 didn’t work from Workbench.

this archive contains an updated version of the SnoopDos executable, with the version number bumped to 3.10. This was NOT made by the original SnoopDos author, Eddy Carroll, but instead by Luca Longone and Massimo Tantignone, and Grzegorz Chmie and Thomas Richter, and Oliver Roberts (with Eddy Carroll’s approval).

SnoopDos Readme

Nice to see this popular system monitor tool for AmigaOS being developed further. Thanks to all continue developing SnoopDos!

Remarkable System Monitoring Software for AmigaOS

For those of you who don’t know what SnoopDos is. It is a system monitoring what’s going on when using AmigaOS. All of the other operating systems out there envy AmigaOS just because of this tool. It is totally free and can help you with finding out what sort of library an application is missing if there’s no good documentation available for it.

You can see with SnoopDos what the application is doing, what it requires, and what’s missing for it to load. This can be a library, font, or driver that is missing. There is also an earlier version of SnoopDos made for MorphOS. Every AmigaOS user should have SnoopDos installed. For MorphOS owners, you also have a similar application named Snoopium that comes as standard with every MorphOS release.

SnoopDos is a tool that both Microsoft and Apple fears to give its users. It simply gives the user all the details needed and that also includes hardware reading registration.

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