17.08.2021: Control your Sonos speakers with your Amiga using SonosLoudspeaker 1.0 is out!! Requires: MUI 5.0, AmiSSL 4, one or more Sonos speakers. Get it here for MorphOS and here for AmigaOS 4. You can also read about it here.

The Amiga community is amazing. The person behind the awesome TAWS (Workbench Simulator In Your Web Browser) AmigaOS on web feel project. Specifically, Michael is currently writing an application for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS, with which one can control the ‘speakers’ sold by Sonos as reported by Amiga-News.de site. Now it is released for MorphOS users!

Sonos Loudspeakers Support for Nextgen Amiga

The project aims at using Hollywood for this. This project is so cool. Seeing that Nextgen Amiga owners can use modern things is great and this gives Nextgen Amiga users access to Sonos Loudspeakers which is awesome!. It is needed in my view to make the platform going forward. It is important and exciting Amiga News regarding those having Sonos Loudspeakers and Nextgen Amiga.

The name of the application is SonosController. Once it is available, you will know about it here. Amazing Amiga News in August 2021!