The AmigaOS 4 version of Night Of The Zombies uses the Irrlicht Engine. It is an open source realtime 3D engine written in C++. It is cross-platform, using D3D, OpenGL and its own software renderers.

It is a stable library according to their website which has been worked on for a long time. Irrlicht is used by hobbyists and therefore got a huge community around it together with professional companies that also uses it. You can find enhancements for Irrlicht engine all over the web, like alternative terrain renderers, portal renderers, exporters, world layers, tutorials, editors, language bindings and so on. And best of all: It’s completely free.

AmigaOS 4 version of Night Of The Zombies

This is a very violent game. So be prepared! Here you kill lots of zombies. ┬áNight Of The Zombies is the author’s first game. It is a first-person-shooter aka FPS where you must survive endless waves of attacking zombies. In this game you earn points during the gameplay that may be used to purchase weapons, unlock new areas etc.

Every next round, zombies become stronger, faster and more hungry! On AmigaONE X5000/020 with Radeon RX 560, you have 30FPS in 1920x1080x32 across the entire game.

I haven’t been able to test the game myself as I don’t have any AmigaOS 4 machine available. When there is a MorphOS port. I will for sure test it. It looks like it runs at a solid framerate in the video above.

Requirements to run the game on AmigaOS 4

  • ogles2.library >=3.1
  • warp3dnova >=1.83
  • RadeonHD >=3.7
  • RadeonRX >=2.4