Do you have an Amiga CD32? Got the FMV module? Got issues with it? Well, the team at RMC is trying to fix the Full Motion Video addon for the Amiga CD32 that they’ve got. They somehow get it to work, but the colors on the screen adjust a bit when the module is inserted.

One person in the comment section wrote this “Replace those ceramic capacitors and it will work! It is those after DAC the ones that create filter for analog output Not electrolytic but ceramics!”.

Another person comments saying “You can upgrade the MPEG ROM from the v40.22 to v40.30 via a 27c400 erasable ROM and then you can play Philips CDi digital CDs.” I didn’t know about this but there you go. Interesting helpful comments from the Amiga community in the comments section there.

It will be interesting seeing the FMV module fixed. Amitopia will follow this up!