Did you know that the Amiga had a 70% share in Iraq? AmigaOS has never been an easy operating system for users using the Arabic language. Well, with this device and text editor that might change?

For ASCII/ArabSCII hybrid, native RightToLeft mode, launch ‘com0x20’ program that comes with this archive with the ‘arabic_int’ keymap and a US keyboard layout. For LeftToRight and RTL (choose Amiga_1256 keymap and french/arabic keyboard) launch ‘com’ program ; and use F10 to change the keyboard from Latin to Arabic.

Gilles Dridi is the author of this DOS driver that is allowing to use of the Arabic language on AmigaOS 4. You need the latest AmigaOS 4.1 for it to work. This is the first version of this system.

This is what you get in the Arabic package for AmigaOS 4

  • arabicconsole.device , a logical device to manage the Arabic language.
  • arabcon-handler , a DOS manager mounted in ARABCON: under AmigaDOS to handle Arabic text.
  • ed , a line editor from ed (that of Unix, not Amiga) but arabized and to be launched by the “eda” envelope which redirects the inputs / outputs and errors thanks to ARABCON :.
  • STeVia , a full-page editor, an arabized clone of Vi.

Read the entire article about how to set it up and more on the Obligement website. The Amiga community is remarkable. Doing what they can to give it more support. Thanks to Gilles, Arabic is a bit closer for people writing and reading that language. Great work!