Today AmiFox celebrates its first birthday! Well, the first public release does. It’s time to take a look back. But we’ve also brought you a present – AmiFox 0.6! Leave some birthday greetings in the comments :).

A bit of history and statistics

On the 26th February 2023 ALB42 published the first public release announcement, but at this time we where already testing with some people from our Discord for a while. So the exact birthday of AmiFox is a bit muddy.

Since then we worked continually on adding new features or improving the existing to make it at an even better thing. In example we (well, mostly ALB42) added support for using forms, downloads (even with their damn JavaScript downloader), zooming, mouse drag (i.e for Google Maps), more image options (formats / colors), SSL/TLS, showing the current URL as QR-Code, ARexx scripting, integration with AmiTube and many more things.

Our Users managed to run WRP on things we never intended to work it on, like Synology NASes or the PiStorm. I’m kinda surprised nobody has put in on a fridge or something like that at this point.

In AmigaFuture 162 (May/June ’23) AmiFox got the first media coverage with a review of the then current version 0.2, even being mentioned on the front-/titlepage. There was also the boxed edition for Amiga38, which was quite a success with almost all of 175 produced boxes gone either in preorder, at the event or shortly after. At the Amiga38 we also got the chance to show AmiFox to Dave, RJ and many other people of the scene. We’ve also run a giveaway of some boxes with “Amiga Germany” and right now AmigaAddict is preparing a review of the current version (well, after this post it will be the previous version hehe) that will likely come in the upcoming issue #28 combined with another giveaway of three more boxes.

So far the public backend never had a free day, on every single day there was at least one person somewhere using AmiFox. Let’s look at some statistics, even if these of course exclude everyone running their own server. In total the public backend so far served 9375 windows / wrp sessions. In the most active period it served 6 windows / wrp sessions at the same time – this record from shortly after the launch still stands to this day. Even though the general usage after Amiga38 was way higher then in that time. For more details feel free to check out our status dashboard, it’s open to everyone.

Time for presents!

You have some for us, right? Riiiiiight? No? Well, fine… We have one for you 😉

Enjoy AmiFox 0.6, which brings two new features:

The last point is esp. interesting for people using the public backend, since our server is located in Finland and some sites (looking at you Google!) use the IP / Geolocation by IP for language selection.

Please note: if you run your own WRP server you will have to update it to the current version to use the language feature. So far only the Docker container is updated, if you use the binaries please build from source since the release on Github is outdated.

You can download the new release from ALB42s website as usual: