What if the idea behind AmiTube can give Classic Amiga a better web surfing experience?
Well, that’s exactly the reason why the AmiFox project is born by the tiny Amitopia AmiDev Team!

This project is in a very early stage. But alb42 who is the main head of our Dev Team surprised all of us after some talks about it in our tiny Discord channel this weekend with a video showing that AmiFox is in development thanks to him. You will be able to surf the web on Classic Amiga very soon like you’ve never experienced it before!

Here is alb42’s video on his first try and I must say that I am really surprised. Take a look.

The main goal of the AmiFox browser for Classic Amiga will give its users a way of browsing the web. Web browsers such as iBrowse, Aweb, and NetSurf demand lots of horsepower. Especially NetSurf which does have CSS support.

The Server Is The Horsepower for AmiFox

The AmiFox browser for the Classic Amiga aims at eliminating most of the horsepower needed to surf the web by using a server with much more power that can send the webpages you want to visit on any Classic Amiga with 68020 or higher.

This means that you can view webpages such as www.cnn.com on your Classic Amiga.

AmiFox is a web browser that depends on a server that can push webpages to it in a way that Classic Amiga can view them. In the video above you can see that the project is in its very first alpha version phase. More info to come about AmiFox will be revealed as the progress goes on.

AmiFox CNN Results

The AmiFox project is born and I will give you as much info when the development continues. For now, I am just stunned by how fast the first try came out.

I really love our tiny AmiDev Team. And I hope that the results of AmiTube and AmiFox will give Classic Amiga users much bigger reasons to use the best home computer even more. Because Amiga should all be about making Dreams Come True!