Using AmiFox will be much more fun soon with AmiTube installed very soon. Then you can enter YouTube video clip pages with AmiFox and watch them by using AmiTube. AmiFox will give a requester asking if you want to watch it.

We want people of Classic Amiga to have a full package of WWW surfing experience. See how AmiFox and AmiTube work together below:

But that’s not all…

Maps On-Line with AmiFox

AmiFox will also be able to talk with MUImapparium when you enter Google Maps or OpenStreetMap with it. See the demonstration below.

Amitopia will inform you when this update is out for the public to download and try. AmiFox is growing and we hope it is already a nice tool to use for many. The newer version will also have popup textarea for writing more lines of text that you want to send to a webpage. See here what my result with my first article with AmiFox looks like when using the newest beta.

New Info about 68000 Version of AmiFox

We are also considering adding an IFF converting tool for the really low-end Amigas. Because datatypes require more CPU power and our goal is to see if we can actually make 68000 Amigas able to surf the web faster.