Warp1260 for Amiga 1200 is now under heavy development. For meeting customers that really want to have 68060 at 100MHz or above. You will need a cooler. The cooler is very silent. It is almost impossible to hear it when its turned on. It is powered by the Warp1260 card.

Also in this short video that I’ve got from the remarkable team doing this card for Amiga. They show how 1920×1080 looks and how Diablo is playing too.

Expect to see lots of Warp1260 articles on Amitopia

In the upcoming days and weeks. Amitopia Amiga Magazine will continue giving you updates from the Warp team. They are a fantastic team that is bringing humongous power and graphics upgrades for the beloved Amiga 1200 from Commodore and Escom.

Many choices for Classic Amiga owners

The V1200 from Apollo Team is a really awesome alternative. It is a horsepowered accelerator for Amiga with 68080 FPGA onboard.

It seems that the Apollo Team takes another road than Warp1260 and that means that both of these two products have a great future. Not everyone likes an FPGA/68060 based accelerator. For some, a 68060 CPU is closer to the real thing while others wants to have both of the choices.

I myself will have both of them very soon and I will give you the differences between them.

Interesting future for Amiga users

It is really interesting to see the future of Classic Amiga. So many nice new products out for it. ZZ9000 for big-box Amigas, Vampire accelerators for many Amiga computers, and Warp team are also aiming at releasing their products for various Amiga models too. I also hope that the Terrible Fire guy continues with his 68060 projects too.

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