If you’re not an Amiga user or interested in the Amigascene. Many PC users are quite irritated when Amiga users comes into PC related articles on the net and fill them with Amiga content. They also get irritated, when PC online magazines like arstechnica.com and osnews.com mentiones Amiga. Now, Viva Amiga have been released for everyone and maybe some in the PC world will understand Amigans more after this? Viva Amiga is a documentary giving Amiga users one less reason to fight for their interest online. Viva Amiga is showing exactly what the Amiga community wanted it to show. About Commodore, About Amiga and About its community. Read on…

Watch the Jeff Porter Interview on Amitopia TV here

A Story About A Beautiful Machine
Viva Amiga is out now, and it’s now available to watch in 12 languages and several streaming formats. The movie premiered at this week’s MAGfest, an annual games and music celebration outside of Washington DC in USA.

This documentary focuses on the Amiga history, from the Commodore times until now. It also explains how and why Amigans still loves it in 2017. When watching it, you might even get emotional towards the whole history and that Dave Needle who participated in this documentary past away last year. This makes Viva Amiga a very strong movie, combined with Zachary Weddington talent for making great documentaries. Viva Amiga brings the Amiga feeling and souls to the whole world!

If there is anything to complain about, it must be the fact that Viva Amiga sort of forgot the MorphOS and AROS communities. Sure that AmigaOS 4.x is the correct step for AmigaOS, but AmigaOne X5000 now runs AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS 3.10 will support it also. But as I’ve discussed with Zack, these can get their documentaries also later on. He comments on that Viva Amiga is ment for everyone, so he told me that there will be several mini documentaries later on that will be available for those hardcore fans that wants all the details about anything related to the Amiga history.

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If you couldn’t make it to MAGfest, Viva Amiga is available now on iTunes, Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon, and Google Play among other platforms. For news on possible future screenings, follow the film on Facebook.


Trailer for Viva Amiga that everyone interested in Amiga history should get

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Some comments about this product there

fascinating chapter in computer nerd history!
by ewelthorpe

The 80s style music, graphics, and archival footage gathered here is fantastic! Totally forgotten chapter in the history of computers – must see for anyone into Apple and pop culture for that matter. Heck, the bit with Andy Warhol creating art on an Amiga alone is worth the price!

Still my favorite computer
by jackseay

Most people credit Apple, Microsoft, and IBM with creating the personal computer world we have today. The early Macs were black and white, the IBM’s were just as limited. They had a role to play; but more than all of these, the Amiga created the multimedia, multi-tasking universe of the personal computer we know today. It was at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, and if it had been managed better, would now be the most popular computer. It was and is “the computer that wouldn’t die”. I still have never seen elsewhere the amazing collection of creativity that surrounded the Amiga. It was a worldwide culture of creative genius, but ignored by history. It was where art and technology became one. The first time I saw an Amiga, it was like seeing something from another galaxy. This movie gives this important part of history the recognition it deserves. I just wish it had been longer, there’s still so much more to say.

Fascinating insight
by Rh66123

A fascinating story of a truly remarkable machine and the people who prolong it’s legacy. Can’t recommend it enough!

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