For Amiga 1200 users. The options to get a new graphics card haven’t been the greatest. But now with Warp 1260, all Amiga 1200 users can soon experience 1920×1080 HDMI out !!!

The very first graphics card option for Amiga 1200 was Graffiti by BSC and Individual Computers that came out back in 1995. Then Amiga 1200 users got BlizzardVision PPC for Blizzard PPC in 1998. It was the first 3D card for Amiga 1200. It had the Permedia2 3D graphics chipset but it was really expensive. Then Amiga 1200 also got Indivision AGA that comes with DVI out with small improvements.

Elbox from Poland also launched its MediatorPCI for Amiga 1200 that needs to be rebuilt to a Tower case. So, since the times when Y2K never happened. The Amiga 1200 has had support for Voodoo 3 and ATI Radeon PCI cards. But this solution demands that you remove the original Amiga 1200 chasing and many loves to keep it on.

V1200 by Apollo Team gives 68080 Core power to Amiga 1200

In 2019, Apollo Team released V1200 for Amiga 1200. A very powerful all in one solution for Amiga users that wants 68080 FPGA and HDMI RTG out. The upside with this card is that it gives your Amiga 1200 programmable power.

When running AmigaOS 3.9 in 1280×720 it looks really awesome on a 720p HD monitor. I bought a used one that is from 2005 it really shines. I think we all are a bit tricked as 720p HD looks great I think.

With the V1200 you can be sure to run 68k AmigaOS software and games very fast. But the limitation of 1280×720 RTG mode means that I recommend getting a 720p type of monitor to get the best picture. I bought an LG monitor and now it looks really great on my Amiga 500 with Vampire V500 V2+.

The V1200 might be able to give higher screenmodes in the future?

All of the Vampire V2 cards for Amiga 500, Amiga 1000, and Amiga 2000. Including the one for Amiga 600 has a 40kLE Cyclone III while the V1200 has a 55kLE Cyclone III. So V1200 might be able to show bigger screen modes.

Maybe it will happen later?

Warp1260 comes with 1920×1080 RTG HDMI out and 256MB RAM

Amiga 1200 showing 1920×1080 and MagicWB icons

For those that want to get a monitor that can handle 1920×1080, the solution is either going for MediatorPCI towering your Amiga 1200 or waiting for a little bit more on Warp1260. I will add the Warp1260 to the Amiga RTG Guru list when it is out.

The new Warp1260 card comes with 256MB DDR3 RAM and can spit out 1920×1080. It got an ARM co-processor that helps with the RTG and 16-bit sound capabilities.

For stronger 68060 CPU’s you would need a cooler and so it will be available when Warp1260 will be out

Warp 1260 card will also come with a cooler for stronger 68060 CPUs and a very handy solution for the extra connector space beneath the floppy drive of the Amiga 1200. Warp1260 will be a beast but it will also target other types of Amiga users than the V1200.

Now AmigaOS RTG Software Development can Increase

With so much power in Amiga 1200, you can finally use RTG only programs and games made for AmigaOS such as MUImapparium, TVPaint and Web Browsing with million of colors will look much better. With both V1200 and Warp1260 giving Amiga 1200 options. They together take AmigaOS RTG development to a totally new meaning.

AmigaOS is soo rawr hot with AGA and MagicWB for me, but when you put AmigaOS on RTG it is really hot! It simply put your personal art shown on the desktop. AmigaOS pimp up options is almost endless and so each of the screenshots taken of AmigaOS are all unique.

New AmigaAMP 3.25 ads mpega.library support for AmigaOS 4
With RTG for AmigaOS, you transform a lot!

Personally, I think that when AmigaOS jumps to higher resolutions and you get way more colors it’s just breathtaking. It is way more beautiful than adding a 3D graphics card to any computer. This is why I love AmigaOS!

The future is bright and Amitopia will continue to deliver Warp1260 news as they get released.