Amiga 1200 Warp 1260 Heatsink Prototype

Including making the amazing Warp 1260 68060 accelerators for Amiga 1200. They don’t stop there. Now they are also making this heatsink for their accelerators. It will be an external addon for the card that will be able to cool down the card. Warp 1260 custom heatsink prototype design ThisContinue Reading

The London Amiga Underground Tube map

Based on the Underground maps from around the world, this map is based on the map that London underground is using. It shows various games the history of the Commodore Amiga computer but in a tube map. This London Amiga Underground map is now available for purchase from Etsy website.Continue Reading

AmiWest 2018 Amiga Meeting in Sacramento

After AmigaOS 3.1.4 release by Hyperion Entertainment. It seems like the Hyperion sails have changed direction for the better. Now, they have even decided to support AmiWest 2018. Sponsoring them! Hyperion Entertainment is Sponsoring AmiWest 2018 In a late move, Hyperion Entertainment has sponsored AmiWest 2018! We just got word onContinue Reading