New Amiga power supply Replacement for low-end systems Review

Your internal computer components inside every Amiga computer are very sensitive. If powered with strong, unregulated current, they can easily get damaged. Thus, you should choose your power supply unit carefully when you are building your own computer. Once you upgrade your low-end Amiga computer. That machine needs more energy.Continue Reading

Amiga help is coming from every corner of the world. This time it comes from Madrid, Spain. Edu Arana is an active Amiga user enthusiast that is developing hardware expansion cards for the Amiga. And this adapter board for Amiga 1000 is no exception! The A1000 Relocator Adapter Board forContinue Reading

Amazing Accelerator cards in Development for Amiga 500

The love for classic Amiga is endless it seems. And in this recently news item that you find on AmigaNews. They can report about two Polish people that will eventually create the very first 68060 card for Amiga 500. At the moment, these Polish genius Amiga hardware developers is SzymonContinue Reading