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The most awesome Bomberman clone is Dynamite for Amiga. It is one of those games that make Amiga unique to have as no other platform got this type of awesome Bomberman clone that is totally free.

Dynamite is one of those games that unites Amiga users when playing. It displays what sort of hardware you use and you can send messages through bubbles when playing. All of the levels you play are totally random too. This means that no game will be the same.

The game name is named dynAMIte actually and you can only play the game over the internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players! This game runs on your Workbench or Ambient desktop and thus Dynamite multitasks happily with all your other programs.

Once you’ve tried. You become addicted! =) and. when you know it’s Amiga only it is even better!

Get dynAMIte from Aminet Here

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