ZZ9000AX is the sound module for the ZZ9000 multi-functional Amiga expansion card bringing your Amiga audio experience to the next level. Now it is out for owners of the ZZ9000 RTG multi-card for big-box Amigas

ZZ9000AX Amiga Audio Expansion

  • High fidelity Analog ADAU1701 audio codec with 28/56-Bit SigmaDSP® processor
  • 16-bit (per channel) stereo sound output at 48000 Hz (DAT quality)
  • Mix in and enhance Amiga Paula audio and/or analog CD-Audio
  • 16-bit stereo sampling
  • 4x RCA connectors for line inputs and outputs
  • AHI driver
  • Add dynamic effects like graphic EQ or reverb and create your own DSP programs with free SigmaStudio software (on Windows)
  • Active op-amp output filter stages
  • 4-layer design with solid ground planes for optimal signal quality
  • Open-source drivers and firmware, PDF schematics
  • Additional features and capabilities will be available via ZZ9000 firmware updates (for example MP3 decompression)

The ZZ9000 RTG Zorro card for big-box Amigas is the successor to the VA2000 Amiga graphics card. Including RTG, the card got 1GB DDR3 RAM, a USB port with drivers that lets you use them from AmigaOS and there is a scan doubler with an interlace flicker-fixer on it.

ZZ9000 is working with any Amiga 500, 2000, 3000, and 4000 that got either Zorro 2 or Zorro 3 slots. The card also works nicely with PCI addons if you have a PCI expansion inside your Amiga 3000 or Amiga 4000.

Nice Price for the ZZ9000 Audio Expansion Card

The price of this soundcard is €79.00! Which I must say is quite cheap in the world of Amiga. Ready to mix Paula with 16-bit sound? Then this is a fantastic way of getting that. With a DSP it can also soon play MP3s through it, but that will come via a ZZ9000 firmware update.

AHI driver is nice to have. It opens a world of opportunities. Get this hot item and support the remarkable person supporting big-box Amigas. All kudos,… and this is yet another article that ain’t sponsored but done because of my passion for the Amiga.