On the Amiga platform and many other platforms during the 1990s, Shareware was the big thing. You got a demo of an application or game. Then when you paid the author some amounts you got the whole application. Today there are tons of Shareware programs on Aminet. One of them is the remarkable ViperAGA that I’ve mentioned here can’t be registered. So, everyone downloading it is limited to 3 players at once. I’ve tried to get hold of the author, but that’s neither easy.

It is wrong by Apple or Google to take what You have made. Developers should be able to have their own payment systems so that they can earn on the applications made.

So, I am fine that no one else but the author of ViperAGA earned on it and the same goes for today. This is what makes Shareware different from Commerical available products. Think of all the Amiga magazines in the 1990s that could spread Shareware programs on their floppies or CD-ROMs that came with the magazines. Many developers of Shareware programs earned that way.

But with the systems that Apple and Google got today. These big giants are sort of stealing the lifeforce of these independent developers.

Amiga Platform Allows You To Be You

Fighting for the Amiga platform is my goal ever since Amitopia was out in 1998. Now in 2021, I see that my work means even more than ever. The Amiga platform is the most diverse developing platform you can publish your applications and games on.

The Amiga market is tiny but a very loyal fan base. Your applications or games made for the Amiga users might not be a high income, but with more seeing Amiga as a valid productive platform. I think its possible. Also if you release something that everyone is looking for. You can get a nice income. Just think of AmigaOS 3.2, SketchBlock for AmigaOS 4.1 or Inviyya for OCS Amiga that you can read about here.

In our platform, there’s no Apple, Google, or Microsoft telling you how you should earn. You don’t need to put your stuff onto a PSN type of store neither. You can sell your products through Amiga retailers worldwide or you can buy Amiga software directly through the persons coding it.

Amiga will never be at Commodore level, but it can invite those that wants to evolve and learn about how to know every piece of hardware in a machine by coding for it. All of the custom chips does their things that is worthy to learn about.